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Our Story

A Little Bit About Knotted Sage™
Welcome! My name is Maegan and I'm the face behind Knotted Sage™.
I unexpectedly started this business with one little machine in my kitchen in 2014. By this time, I had been a stay at home mom for two years and wanted to get back into the game without my son having to go to daycare. I mean, come on... would you want to leave that face? I had dabbled in various arts trying to find my niche; knitting, baking, refinishing antique furniture, but found my passion in creating personalized items. I was drawn to the unlimited creative options! I love to keep things fresh and changing, which custom design allows.
I strive for uniqueness. I strive to stand out from the herd. I am constantly working to stay one step ahead of the pack. When you come to Knotted Sage™, you're seeing original designs backed by years of experience. You're scrolling designs I have tweaked a hundred times on products I have painstakingly vetted to ensure I offer only the highest quality goods. Most importantly, when you shop handmade, you're supporting a real person with long-time dreams and keeping them alive.
And I thank you.